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Railings Systems

CoalFlow railing systems help you to get your Coal to the Port across an increasingly busy rail network in a timely manner.

Some of the functions that our Coal Quality Solutions provide to assist in the Railing operation are:

  • integration with external carrier systems such as Aurizon
  • provision of up to date train schedule information
  • recording weekly train requests
  • comparing train requests with trains provided
  • providing a heads up display of available and planned product piles
  • providing a heads up display of railing requirements from the planning system
  • facilitating the daily planning of the train loading operation
  • facilitating the allocation of new Railed Consignment numbers
  • facilitating the allocation of Railed Consignments to port pad destinations
  • recording the movement of actual and scheduled Railed Product from the Railed Consignments to the selected Port Pads