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Port Stock Management Systems

Stock Management SystemsUnderstanding the precise make-up of your Port Stockpiles and recording the specific parts of the stockpiles that are to be used to blend Cargo’s is a pre-requisite to being able to accurately meet your customer’s expectations.
Some of the functions that our Port Stock Solutions provide to assist in the management of your Coal at the Port are:

    • facilitating the management of the Port Pad Piles
    • recording the movement of actual and scheduled Railed Product from the Railed Consignments to the selected Port Pads
    • recording the position of the Railed Consignments within the Port Stockpile
    • recording the scheduled and actual movement of Port Pad Product from the Port Pad Piles onto actual and scheduled shipped cargos
    • providing advanced quality management facilities
    • producing Port Pad Stockpile Volume Reports and Port Pad Stockpile History Reports